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The Carmate DC4000RA Dashcam 360 is a comprehensive three-camera system featuring 360° front and rear cameras. This advanced system allows simultaneous viewing of footage through the PC app, providing a detailed record of the vehicle's surroundings.

Key Features:
1. Simultaneous 3 Camera View: The footage offers a simultaneous view from three cameras, including a zoomable 360 panoramic perspective.

2. Recording in Multiple Directions: Capture incidents from various angles, ensuring documentation of door dings or rear-ending accidents in multiple directions.

3. Minimized Blind Spots: Unlike traditional cameras, Dashcam 360 minimizes blind spots by providing lateral views when detected.

4. Night Recording: The built-in infrared LED enables recording inside your vehicle even in low-light conditions, ensuring visibility at night.

5. Privacy View Function: The PC app includes a privacy view function, allowing users to obscure views or individuals when needed, enhancing privacy control.

6. Dashcam 360 Parking Assist: Available as a separate product, the Dashcam 360 Parking Assist is designed to keep your parked car under 360° surveillance, providing added security.

With its advanced features, the Carmate DC4000RA Dashcam 360 offers a comprehensive solution for capturing and monitoring your vehicle's surroundings.